BRUS X Hey Planet

BRUS and Hey Planet present a unique opportunity to try the world’s first sustainable meat.

You’ll be able to taste delicious Burgers, Gyoza dumplings, Tostadas.

Hey Planet Burger w/ Hey Planet Meat, Cheese, Salad, White Onion, Pickled Cucumber, Smoked Pepper Mayo, Beer Mustard.

Gyoza’s w/ Hey Planet Meat, Fermented Mushrooms, Brownbutter & Soy Sauce

Tostada w/ Hey Planet Meat & Salsa

The Hey Planet Mince has the low climate impact of plants, but the high nutritional value and deep umami flavour similar to beef and pork. It’s made with powdered buffalo beetles and pea protein.

We can’t wait to see you all there in the name of the planet!
on October 13th from 15.00…

Published on 25th September 2021