Refractive Indices

Read below our interview with Nate Borg on Refractive Indices Batch #2, one of the latest beers from the To Øl Natur project.


Batch #1. Peach | Oak | Creamy | Bitter

After nine months in the bottle it has gained some more brettanomyces qualities. Juicy stone fruit flavours with a creamy texture. A soft acidity that finishes dry and oak to bring it all together.

Batch #2. Nutmeg | Baking spice | Creamy | Juicy

Secondary additions are up front and integrated, with the woodruff taking the bigger role bringing warm spices and earthiness. Floral Bergamot livens it up with a perceived sweetness from vanilla. Juicy acidity.


Batch #1. Barnyard | Straw | Floral | Peach Gelato

The flavor has a mild acidity, while it ends with a subtle bitterness. Overall, a very clean, rustic Mixed Fermentation Beer, now showcasing what a living product this is.

Blend #2. Floral | Hearty | Baking spices | Nutmeg | Cardamom | Cardamom | Cinnamon

The Bergamot and Vanilla flavours come through very explicitly. No joke, it reminds me very distinctly of PEZ candy. The finish has a subtle bitterness. Very interested to see how this one would taste in the future. 


BRUS: How do Batch #1 and #2 differ?

Nate: There’s an extra base beer in Batch #2. Batch #1 was simply Pilsner and Raw Wheat, while Batch #2 is Pilsner and Raw Wheat plus a  Spelt based beer.

BRUS: Bergamot, Vanilla, Dried Woodruff. That’s quite a combination. How did it come about to use those?

Nate: We started with Bergamot and wondered what would go well with that. We were thinking of something green and that’s how we got to Dried Woodruff. Then Christian (Chef-Owner of BRUS) came up with the idea of adding Vanilla. From his experiences as a chef using Bergamot and Dried Woodruff in desserts, Vanilla made a lot of sense.

BRUS: How do you think Batch #2 will look in the future?

Nate: I would think the vanilla would be the first to go, becoming more this earthy Woodruff forward beer. But we’ll see.

BRUS: What might Refractive Indices #3 look like?

Nate: It’s only going to be small batches, about 300L, four times a year. They will all be different. We will try to go along with Seasons and Menu changes and hopefully we’ll be doing something fruited in the future.

Published on 4th May 2021