Tours & Tastings

At Brus, we not only serve the best beer in Nørrebro, but we also produce the best beer in Nørrebro. Nestled in the back of our bar– past our open kitchen– you’ll find the brewery of To Øl CPH. It’s a small, but industrious brewery that keeps our taps flowing and our bottleshop stocked with the freshest beer possible.

And we invite you to learn more about the brewing process in a 45-60 minute adventure through our brewery. By the end of the tour, you’ll have a good understanding of how the ingredients and equipment come together to make the perfect beer. And since we learn best through our senses, you’ll observe, smell and taste 4 different beers along the way– and get one can of the freshest beer off our canning line to take home and share with your friends who missed out. Or don’t share and drink it on your own, no judgement here. (We’d do the same.)

We offer private tours for 8-30 people. Book your private tour through

The price for a private tour is 250DKK per person, which in addition to 4 tasters and one To Øl CPH can to-go, also gives you 20% off draft beers in the bar and cans/bottles in the bottleshop. 

Don’t care about the craft behind craft beer and only want to focus on the product rather than the production? We also offer guided tastings, where we narrow in and focus on the sensory differences between our favorite beer styles. 

We offer 6 pours (12cl) for 200kr– 8 person minimum. Add on a food pairing for another 200kr– must be purchased by everyone in the party.